About Us

      Legacy Kits, LLC is developed and founded by two African-American sisters, Crystal McDonald and Lydia Newsom.  They have strong aspirations to assist educators and parents of any background in learning and appreciating African American and African history.  They have extensive experience and passion in education as they both have over 20 years combined in homeschooling their children as well as a collegiate degree in African Studies.  

It was the sisters' public school, private school, and homeschool journeys that inspired them to create a platform where this portion of history is accessible, affordable, fun, and easy to use.  Their observation was that schools, both public and private, did not teach in depth about African American and African history.  It was also challenging as homeschoolers to research, gather, and create curriculum as related to this segment of history.  Thus, Legacy Kits, LLC was birthed and designed to alleviate these challenges and cater to various learning styles: spatial, auditory, linguistic, and kinesthetic.  

Legacy Kits is an outstanding teaching mechanism that provides a convenient opportunity to teach history effortlessly.  All of the research and planning has already been completed and assembled into enjoyable, engaging kits with STEAM projects.  The ideal goal is to enhance each student's historical knowledge and create enthusiastic, lifelong learners. Legacy Kits’ motto is to challenge students to "Think, Inspire, Create."  

The creators of Legacy Kits are confident in their product as the kits paint a vivid picture of African American and African history, empower students with knowledge, and highlight heroic figures in a positive light!

Listen to the owners of Legacy Kits speak with Cheries World about curriculum and teaching children about Black History 

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Testimonials of satisfied customers

"Legacy Kits has made my life so much easier!  The kits are convenient and easy.  I really didn't learn much about black history other than the brief lessons in school.  I was really concerned that my children wouldn't learn much about black history.  We go to the library and read tons of books on black history and watch documentaries.  I was struggling with how to make it fun.  Then my search led me to Legacy Kits.  Wow!  What a novel idea!  Legacy Kits have managed to make history FUN!  My kids know more about black history than I did at their ages!"

"As a homeschooler, we searched fervently for a history curriculum that taught about our heritage - African. Many African American families can relate. Legacy Kits ended our search! I really love the workbooks!  History is now my kids' favorite subject. I like the way the crafts are not "cheap," and they help the lessons stick. We will have items made from the crafts for a very long time. These aren't "throw away" crafts! We actually use them! Did I mention that my kids love the workbooks???! Thanks for providing this for our kids!"

"I was so disappointed that black history wasn't being thoroughly taught in public schools.  Other than the "mainstream characters," my children really didn't know much about African American heroes yet alone Africa! I wanted something different for them.  We tried to teach black history at home after school and on weekends, but it just wouldn't last.  Legacy Kits has changed the way we incorporate our history into our lives.  I can depend on Legacy Kits to deliver great history resources every single month.  Please don't ever go out-of-business.  These kits help me teach my children without having to spend hours researching.  I am learning, too!"

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Legacy Kits offer a sure way to keep black history alive in your home.  Rich discussions and learning about history has been proven time and time again to boost confidence in children and provide an increase in cultural awareness.

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