Frequently Asked Questions

Want to teach your family about black history and diversity?

Parents often desire to teach their children about black history, but sometimes daily life and busyness can prevent this from happening.  As a result, the next generation doesn't know very much about black heritage.  Legacy Kits makes it easy and fun for every parent to teach their children about black history in American and Africa.

Why do my children need to learn about black history?

Statistics show that children who know about their own heritage have a higher quality of life and a greater since of self identity.  They are well adjusted and can overcome challenges much easier.  In other words, they are resilient in the face of adversity, and their level of self-esteem is more desirable.  When adolescents of other heritages learn about black history, they have a greater appreciation for the human race and are more well rounded when exposed to the history of other cultures.

Schools teach history, so why should I teach black history at home?

Some parents believe that the black history that is being taught in schools lacks some key concepts and important events.   We agree.  It is not their job to teach children about black history.  The job of teaching children to be knowledgeable about black heritage belongs to the parents.  It is daunting for schools to teach in depth about every ethnic group.   Legacy Kits provides quality teaching materials that parents can use to bridge this gap. The time is now.  Ascertain that your children are learning about diversity.  Our kits are unbiased and teaches the truth about history.  WE HAVE CUSTOMERS OF MANY ETHNIC BACKGROUNDS.

I am too busy to fit anything else into our busy schedules.  Is this going to take much time?

The amount of time Legacy Kits take is up to each family.   There is no one way to teach with Legacy Kits.  Once you get your kit, you can decide how you want to incorporate your Legacy Kit into your lives.  Legacy Kits are meant to be engaging and fun while not sacrificing education.  They are delivered to your home on a monthly basis or if 3 or more months are ordered, all orders can be delivered in one delivery.  The content covers a variety of learning styles which ensures that your child is continuously learning about black history.  We have done everything for you!  You just have to subscribe!

I have multiple kids.  Would I have to purchase 2 full kits? 

Great question.  We have customers who share kits with multiple children.  In order to keep costs down for our families, we offer customized subscriptions which require a purchase of at least one full kit subscription.  For instance, one family has 2 children and only wants to order extra projects.  This family will order a full kit subscription and an extra project set.  We also have families who order additional workbooks.  If any of these fits your scenario, please contact us to personalize your order at

I don't feel qualified to teach black history since I know very little about it.

This is more common than you think. Many parents did not learn much about black history when they were children and are learning as adults.  This is okay!  Our parent customers are eagerly learning right along side their children.  Legacy Kits have become a family journey of learning together.  Please don't let your lack of knowledge about black history prevent you from ordering our kits.  If anything, this should encourage you to purchase our kits even more!

Is Legacy Kits similar to a book club?

We haven't thought of it that way, but we can see how one would classify our business model as a book club.  However, your child will receive much more than books.  We take extra steps to ensure that the lessons are being reinforced by providing hands-on projects (some STEM) and workbooks.

What is the difference between Level I - Elementary and Level II - Middle & Jr High?

History can be disconcerting at times, so we have decided to provide two levels for our customers.  We do not want our little learners to miss out on these awesome kits, so we work tirelessly to find suitable materials for level I.  Parents need to assist more with level I since students are on various reading and ability levels.  Most times, Level I presents the same history topics as level II.  However, level II books are  longer and have more advanced concepts and ideas.  The workbooks for level II are more complex.   Parents will need to be available to discuss advanced content with our Level II students.  For additional questions, please visit one of our social media pages or email us at

How are Legacy Kits priced?

Legacy Kits are priced to be as affordable as possible without lacking quality and substance.  The more months that you subscribe, the more you save.  Our one-time orders of Legacy Kits are priced higher than our subscribers.  We encourage those wanting lower pricing to subscribe and to join our email lists for special coupon codes.  We also give discounts for bulk orders of 25 or more that are prepaid.

Do you have special pricing for schools and other institutions?

Yes!  All of our products are available for bulk ordering.  Minimum quantity of 25 is required for special bulk pricing.  Since each organization has special requests, we do not display bulk pricing as each order is customized.  We service schools, non-profits, homeschooling co-ops, charters, and other educational institutions.  Please email us at or call us at (707) 640-1673.  Some sold-out items can be special ordered for bulk orders.  We truly appreciate your business!  We also work with schools who have a purchase order system.

Do I have everything I need for the crafts in the kit?

Yes and no. Items that are commonly found around homes are not included in Legacy Kits in order to keep your cost down and to ease shipping costs.  Items that are hard to find or uncommon in most households are provided. 

How often will my subscription be re-billed?

Thanks for your subscription!  Your credit card will automatically be charged the subscription fee until you cancel your subscription.  Your subscription renewal is based upon the subscription period you choose. You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account online or by contacting us at  If your payment is declined or if there is an error, we will do our best to notify you before the cutoff date of the current month's shipment.  You can also pause your account if you want more time in between orders.

How do I change my subscription?

You can change your subscription at any time.  Please note that if the current month's subscription has been mailed, changes will apply the following month.  You can upgrade or cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account or by contacting us at 

How long will it take for my Legacy Kit to arrive?

Kits are mailed monthly between the 12th and 17th.  All orders placed on or after the first of the month will be shipped with the following month's shipment.  For instance, orders placed from January 1st -February 11th will be shipped between February 12th - 17th.  To keep costs down for our customers, orders will be shipped via USPS domestic first class.  Sign up for our email list to get the latest offers for new and current subscribers.

Do you want Legacy Kits for your school or co-op?

People who would like to order our kits for large groups are encouraged to contact us so that we may customize your order to fit your organization's needs.   Let's work together to spread positive black history and empower our youth.  Bulk pricing is available. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes.   We are currently offering a flat rate of $16.95 for our international customers.  Kits will take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to arrive depending on the destination country.  All packages are shipped via First Class Package International.  We are not offering other shipping services at this time.  Free shipping offers do not apply to our international customers.  Please note that there are inherent and unavoidable risks that are beyond our control concerning international shipping.  The customer is responsible for any additional costs, taxes or import fees charged by the destination country.

Are you sold out?

Technically, no.  We always have boxes on hand for internal purposes.  However, we have an organized system and monthly caps so that our customers receive their kits in a timely fashion every month.  Orders placed on or after the first of the month will be sent the following month's shipment.  This does not apply to bulk orders.  Please contact us to place bulk orders at

What is the return policy?

We do not currently offer refunds.  All Legacy Kits purchases are final.  However, if you are unsatisfied with your Legacy Kit, please send us an email at  We strive to please all of our customers.