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Book: Black Indians, A Hidden Heritage


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The first paths to freedom taken by runaway slaves led to Native American villages. There, black men and women found acceptance and friendship among our country’s original inhabitants. Though they seldom appear in textbooks and movies, the children of Native- and African-American marriages helped shape the early days of the fur trade, added a new dimension to frontier diplomacy, and made a daring contribution to the fight for American liberty. Since its original publication, William Loren Katz’s Black Indians has remained the definitive work on a long, arduous quest for freedom and equality. This new edition features a new cover and includes updated information about a neglected chapter in American history. This fantastic book can be coupled with our Black Frontiers subscription box. Free shipping for active subscribers. Please contact us for the free shipping code for subscribers. Ideal for grades 7 and up. 272 pages, LIMITED STOCK

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